Creative Macrobiotic Dishes

recipes Apr 23, 2022

I recently hosted Patricio Garcia de Paredes as a zoom guest on my TV show.  Patricio is the founder and director of the Macrobiotic School in Japan.  I met Patricio at the Kushi Institute when he was a young teenager and I was taking cooking classes from his mother.   Since that time Patricio has developed into an international chef and cooking teacher for many people across the world.  We joined him in his kitchen in Japan and discussed the benefits of eating probiotics (fermented foods such as pickles) and prebiotics (whole grains) daily.  Both of which help to provide a healthy microbiome which leads to boosting our immune system.

We then discussed a variety of macrobiotic dishes and how important it is to keep simple ingredients so students can easily follow the recipes. (see photos)   Although sometimes he finds this hard to do as he was trained as a professional chef and likes to add a lot of flavors to the dishes which means more steps!  

Patricio demonstrated a simple Brown Rice Risotto dish which we included in this article for your enjoyment.  This recipe as Patricio explained can be used with any leftover grain. 

Click here to view my interview with Patricio.  Or feel free to visit, search for the Macro Magic icon and view his show and a host of others!






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