Growing Your Own Garden for Your Personal Health and the Health of Our Planet

gardening May 10, 2022

Our Macro Magic website highlights the importance of helping you increase your vitality through simple, daily,  balanced living practices that help you align with the natural environment.   The absolute, best way to create this is to grown your own garden and eat as many vitally strong. plant based foods that you harvest.

In our new film documentary, The Spirit of Rice,  I stated that all we need for creating a healthy garden is sun, fresh clean water, healthy soil and good quality seeds. These all sound simple but presently challenging to find in our present day world!   However if you create your outside garden in a sunny spot and add some good quality organic soil, plant some organically certified seeds and keep it hydrated regularly you will be amazed at the variety and quality of plant foods you can produce each season.  And since our body aligns with the natural world, eating these foods on a regular basis  will provide you with plenty of vitality!

While interviewing Jeffrey Reel in our film about his book on climate crisis and his experience at the Omega Institute he shared with me an interesting point about soil health.  He said that the most healthiest soil lays on the untouched forest floor.   The book “One Straw Revolution” emphasized this as well in their farming practices…leave the soil untouched and maybe lay some rice straw around the plant to help it hydrate.    Untouched natural soil is  full of millions of microbiomes.    Living microbiomes are essential for our gut health and strengthen our immunity when we eat plants that are grown in them.  Sadly however most soil is now depleted especially on commercial farms. Dead dust that not only produces weak plants but when we eat them causes us to become nutritionally deficient.   

The great news is regenerating our soil and choosing to grow food and eat food from our own backyard  helps to not only replenish our energy but the energy of our planet as well!  Also choosing to do this helps us reduce our own food costs and reduce the carbon footprint of having these food items shipped to us from around the world.   

So get outside and dig!   You will be amazing to find all the vital, delicious and  colorful  plant based foods that will show up in your garden each season!  Here are some photos of what showed up in mine!!




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