Healing Foods

healthy eating Jun 01, 2022

Simply by understanding the energy of the seasons you can learn  how your garden can speak to you!

All foods from the earth have a magical healing quality about them.  That’s why they are so important to include in our diets.  Ancients knew these healing secrets and developed many food remedies for various illnesses.  The signature of foods revealed by the shape and texture of the food sometimes share its knowledge with us as to what part of the body the food actually helps heal.  For example carrots are good to strengthen the intestines, lotus root the lungs, ground round vegetables the spleen pancreas and stomach  and fast upward growing vegetables such as scallions help to lift up the energy in the body.

What sets macrobiotics apart from simply just clean eating or turning vegan is that we hold the key information for not only  understanding the progression of disease and maintaining health but also how to recover health implementing simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Have you heard the phrase before “Your Kitchen is Your Medicine Cabinet?”    What does this actually mean? What is the real mystery as to how foods work in the body?

Understanding  how food is energy and how to begin to strengthen your intuition in knowing how and when to use them is the key to recovering health.  You will become your own guide and learn to understand and read the energy of illness in the body and how it relates to food choices by studying macrobiotic principles.

Many people think they are healthy and well except for the occasional headache and cold which they feel is the now normal.  They are relying on medications for relief many that bring short and long term side effects.

Take time to review these 7 conditions of good health by George Oshawa, founder of macrobiotics and see how you rate!

  1. no fatigue
  2. good appetite
  3. profound sleep
  4. good memory
  5. good humor
  6. rapidity of judgment and execution
  7. justice - never to lie to protect oneself; to be exact; to love the entire world; to always search out difficulties, to find, combat, and resolve them with all one’s force; to be more and more happy, to distribute light and a sense of well-being to the whole world; never to have doubt, to transmute unhappiness into happiness

During the July 6, 2022 Tea With Sheri Lecture, I will cover a wide range of healing foods, the signature of food and remedy food dishes and drinks to help increase your understanding of these miracles of nature!   

You will walk away with an understanding of how to see

  • Energy in Food
  • Energy in the Body
  • Food as Medicine
  • Keys to help you boost your intuition with food choices

Join Sheri-Lynn for live events, like the Tea with Sheri-Lynn lecture series and the Macro Magic cooking class!

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