Spring Clean Up for Your Liver!

healthy eating liver Apr 25, 2022

Spring time is when the liver becomes most active.  The liver’s natural tendency in the body is to move energy up and outward (same as the energy of spring when plants grow up and outward).   We therefore begin to feel our mistakes in caring for the liver when spring comes.       

Of all the organs in the body, the liver is the most susceptible to becoming full of excess energy and heavily burdened by the typical American diet, stress, lack of sleep and over eating, especially before bedtime. 

 As far as choices of foods go, the liver is most affected by extreme foods.  Foods that are extremely heavy for the body and those that are too stimulating.   When we eat a diet rich in animal products that have a high fat content (such as beef, bacon, eggs, and cheese) the liver can become too full, hard and tight and not be able to perform its function of moving energy up and out. 

Feeling the need for eating a refreshing cool, sour slice of fruit after a warm hot day of activity could be your liver calling out for help in moving its energy up and out.   Often when a heavy feeling occurs in our body we naturally reach for something to lighten the liver and refresh it.  The bad news is we can damage the liver again if we reach for foods which are too highly processed and too stimulating (such as alcohol, white sugar, coffee and hot spices).   

Not sure if your liver is tight?  Liver stagnation also shows up emotionally in the body as overall physical and mental tension, and feeling as though one is stuck in life, unable to move forward in fulfilling ways.  When the liver is imbalanced the emotion of anger develops.  Liver health is associated with women’s health issues as well.   A stagnant liver can contribute to creating fibroids, breast cysts, cancer of the reproductive organs, irregular menstruation, PMS, Candida, and thyroid problems.  Once the liver becomes blocked the natural cycle of a woman has difficulty and pain associated with it.

So what foods can we choose to support the liver especially in spring time?

Light, fresh grains and greens are one of the most helpful foods for the liver and well as mildly salty pickles. Morning time is the rising time for the liver so you can include soft watery grains and lightly cooked, crispy greens at especially at breakfast. (Maybe you were feeling overloaded with the choice of that  heavy, cheese filled omelet in the past?)

Try some of the light and refreshing recipes in my cooking classes.  You will then see what healthy liver can do for you…especially during spring time!   A healthy liver reveals itself in patience, relaxed understanding of self and others, flexible attitude, clear vision (physically and spiritually) and the ability to be satisfied by very simple foods.

Remember these following tips when cooking for a healthier liver!

  • Use a lighter, quick cooking style:  Boiling, blanching, pressed salads
  • Use oil sparingly
  • Use moderate to low flame
  • Avoid pressure cooking and baking too much
  • Avoid overly salty tastes
  • Use foods with a natural upward energy (barley, dark leafy greens such as collards, mustard greens and green and white leafy vegetables such as bok choy and Chinese cabbage)
  • Use light touches of sour seasonings (brown rice vinegar, lemon juice, umeboshi vinegar)
  • Serve heavy fried foods (friend tofu, fried fish) with grated daikon.
  • Avoid too much dry cooked grain and a lot of dried baked flour products in the diet; these will produce stagnation in the liver as well.

Other lifestyle recommendations to help support the liver.

  • Walk barefoot in the morning dew
  • Stop  eating and drinking 3 hours before bedtime
  • Drink Roasted Barley Tea
  • Avoid sunbathing for long periods of time
  • If you crave baked flour products try steaming sourdough bread instead
  • Avoid coffee
  • Learn how to express your emotions assertively instead of holding them in or being aggressive

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