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nutrition May 16, 2022

I recently hosted Dr. T. Colin Campbell on my Macro Magic TV show.   See episode here  Dr. Campbell is a Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and author of many books including The China Study.

Dr. Campbell explained how current nutrition is being ignored by the public  and extremely  misunderstood.  He said   often times medical doctors are placed in the position of trying to explain it to their clients without any nutritional training or publications to back up claims.  He said it is a real shame as people are getting more and more confused and bombarded with so many messages from social media all from the promotion of poor quality food companies trying to make profits.  In fact he explained, we are presently not getting dietary guidelines untarnished as large companies backing politicians are buying and selling their personal push for their products.

We then discussed the pharmaceutical industry as it relates to nutrition. He went on to explain that the whole biomedical system is based on the reduction of science.  Looking at targeted drug therapy and working on one issue at a time, the pharmaceutical industry can sell one item at a time such as a new popular drug and claim intellectual property for that idea.  This is not how nature works. Nature  is inclusive, similar to an entire orchestra- working together with all parts of a whole food and all systems of the body.  That is why eating whole, plant based foods is really the best route to take for our nutritional needs. 

Dr. Campbell also expounded on the illusion that we need to eat animal food for our protein needs.  Ironically in his early career he was teaching from this platform and looking at how to feed children in the Philippines more meat based protein who were suffering from malnutrition.  He then discovered through his scientific works that this type of protein was acerbating many different types of cancers in these children.

I always love interviewing Dr. Campbell,  as his scientific work lines up so nicely with macrobiotic teachings.  Whole foods are most beneficial for the body and to really trust nature as its much more profound and integrative in its approach to healing any disease in the body.

We both agreed in our discussion that it takes so long for the body to develop sickness and yet within 24 hours- surprisingly enough you can begin to turn a disease around. He gave the example of heart disease that within 24 hours of eating plant based foods you can measure a drop in a person's cholesterol levels. He also shared a story about a client his son was working with who had stage 3 kidney disease and who was headed for dialysis.  He shared that within 4 1/2 months he was able to stop his medications.

Alarming statistics were also shared by Colin:  We in the US now are the highest users of medications and the side effects of these medications are the 3-4 leading cause of deaths in our country.  Working in the macrobiotic field for over 40 years I am amazed when I hear this as I have witnessed so many simple food remedies heal conditions where medications are never needed!

Enjoy the Show!!   Great FOOD for Thought!!

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