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Want to Lose Weight in an Easy and Healthy Way?

recipes weight Nov 29, 2022
Weight loss continues to be such a hot topic among most people especially as people age.  Transitioning to a plant based diet definitely helps as well as stopping the simple carbohydrate,  processed and sugary foods.  However, many people have more success with  taking a further step in their weight loss journey by choosing  a macrobiotic way of life which  can offer so much more!
Often time people go on diets and restrict themselves from their favorite foods and later find themselves binging on these very same foods.  In macrobiotics we recommend a more gentle approach to dieting.   Simply choosing to  add good quality whole grain, bean and vegetable dishes- ones you find appetizing on a regular basis.    The more your body gets used to these foods the less it naturally craves the processed, sugary, fast foods.  We also teach you simple remedies drinks made from plant based  foods that will help you loose weight as well.  
Macrobiotics is about beginning to build balance in all aspects of ones life:   physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is why we created our educational program at MGI (The Macrobiotic Global Institute).  With leveled programs designed to offer you support in all these areas and offer you the opportunity to progress thru the program at your own pace with support.
Watch the video below of our Macro Magic TV interview on weight loss with Lorraine McCamley to learn a simple remedy drink that will help you lose weight and hear about Lorraine's experiences  transitioning to a plant-based macrobiotic way of life!

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