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Diagnosis Cooking Consultation

Are you new to macrobiotics or currently experiencing health issues?  Using her training in oriental visual diagnosis, Sheri-Lynn will offer you insights into the relationship between your food choices and your current health, along with a pathway forward.   

$300/person - 50 minutes
Spiritual and Emotional Counseling

We experience many growth experiences in our life's journey, some very challenging.  Sheri-Lynn, utilizing her 40 years of counseling and her intuitive approach, will offer deep insight into these challenges and help you create supports for the most positive outcomes.

$150/person - 50 minutes
Individual and Group Cooking Sessions

(in-person or on Zoom)
Individual or group, Sheri-Lynn will help you design and prepare a full meal. Sheri- Lynn will instruct you how to create dishes for any specific health concerns and review any consultation recommendations with you.    

Starts at $200 - 2 hours
Consultation Follow-up

Check in with Sheri-Lynn for accountability, as well as to review your progress.

$150/person - 40 minutes
Menu Planning

Sheri-Lynn will work with you to create a monthly menu template listing ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.  If you have had a cooking consultation, the dishes recommended for you in your consultation will be included in the template.

Shopping Guidance

Sheri-Lynn will help you find the best home health products and food ingredients.


Private Packages

Are you having trouble choosing?  These packages provide a discounted bundle of private, virtual, and customized sessions.
Beginner Package

1 Diagnosis Cooking Consultation

1 Consultation Follow-up

1 Shopping Guidance

2 Menu Planning

$605 (save $100)
Couple's Package

Joint Diagnosis Cooking Consultation (90 minutes)

Joint Consultation Follow-up (75 minutes)

$800 (save $100)
Healing Package

1 Diagnosis Cooking Consultation

2 Consultation Follow-up

2 Spiritual and Emotional Counseling

$800 (save $100)

We recommend you begin with a cooking diagnosis consultation so Sheri-Lynn understands your present condition and can help you choose the right menu plans.  Before your initial consultation, you will be required to complete forms describing your current health conditions and food choices. 

Do you have any questions?  Please contact Sheri-Lynn at [email protected].